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If you're interested in providing a growth project for the 5th Growth Tribe Academy, please fill out the following questions.

The 5th Growth Tribe Academy starts in September 2017.
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The Growth Tribe Academy is a 3-month (11-week) full-time course where young professionals will develop a growth hacking mindset, a growth hacking skill-set and understand how to use marketing and data frameworks.

To apply their theory in practice, candidates will work in experiment execution teams of 3 on a growth project within a growing startup. A  team consists of people with different backgrounds and skill sets. These skills are usually a mix of Digital Marketing, Web Analytics, UX, Front-End Code, Design, Copywriting and/or other fields important to growth.

The main goal of the growth project is to create a good learning environment for the candidates, where candidates can apply growth hacking theory, growth hacking techniques and experiment methods, to analyse data and create insights which are aligned with the growth goals of the organisation.

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What is your monthly traffic?

Could you share with us an idea of what you consider acceptable Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)? No need to be super specific, it's just so that we get a general idea.

What type of project or side project do you see the teams working on?

What is your team structure? How big is the company? How does your marketing/growth team look like?

How much development time can you provide during the 11 weeks?

Where are you based? What is your office address?

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We're planning calls with the startups in April and will try to select the startups before end of June 2017.

The 5th Academy starts in September 2017.